CNC machining technology has been applied to all aspects of automobile research and development (concept design, model car, prototype, ..., the supply of auto parts (rearview mirrors, instrument panels, air conditioning components, lamp components, ...) and Fixtures, production jigs, etc. in the automotive production process. It can help automotive engineers and designers to conduct a comprehensive design evaluation before components are put into production, and also help companies greatly reduce R&D costs and shorten product launch time.


Top Precision Automotive Applications

Interior Components: Car manufacturers can product prototypes tailored to augment the interior of a vehicle.

Exterior Components: Exterior prototypes enhance the exterior aspect of a car.

Functional Components: These are prototypes that house the electro-mechanics of a vehicle.

Why HLH For Automotive Development ?

Rapid Prototyping

Mitigate design risk through rapid iteration and prototyping in production materials without sacrificing development speed.

Quality Inspections

Validate part geometry with several quality documentation options. Digital inspection, PPAP, and FAI reporting are available.

Tooling and Fixtures

Improve manufacturing processes to create greater automation and streamlined component assembly with custom fixturing.

Automotive Post-Processing Capabilities
Insert Installation
Heat Treatment
Automotive Post-Processing Capabilities
Nice Words From Our Customers
Hi HLH, the products were received yesterday with no problems and thank you the parts are fantastic. Thank you so much for your efforts in producing these so accurately and quickly.
-Simon Masters &Senior Director -Design, R&D
I just want to inform you that we are very pleased with the last order ( 1,000 boxes ) you've shipped us. The quality is excellent. As happy a customer, we will be happy to provide good feedback to your prospects. It's a real pleasure to work with you and your company!
-Izzy Gal &Purchasing Manager
HLH has always delivered the perfect products totally meet our requirement. Also the service they provide is very nice. It’s really pleasure to work with HLH and we will keep long-time cooperation!
- Jacob Anderson &Engineering Manager